We aim at discovering premium solutions for a better quality of life

POLYPLASTIC stands for:


We need experts who are passionate about science and new technologies. Individuals who want to change the world. We engage all interested parties in projects involving the development and implementation of new ideas: scientists, engineers, suppliers and producers. Only by combining our efforts will we be able to achieve sustainable results.

Variety of

Every day, thousands of companies create products based on our materials, which are used by millions of people. Look around — literally all that surrounds you has our materials in it.

Discovering new

Nowadays, everybody needs smart solutions that can provide a new quality of life. We constantly do research and conduct experiments to discover new solutions that not only do no harm, but more than that - help people solve actual problems.

Promotion of

We consider it important for society to understand what happens at R&D centers and how quality of life is affected by scientific research. We want to excite interest in people, to encourage them to ask and discover new things about life and science. Working for people, we are committed to be as open and as transparent as possible.